Air Conditioning Maintenance Will Preserve The Useful Life Of Your Unit

By David Patullo Air conditioning maintenance guidelines are essential to the useful life of your air conditioning unit. Similar to most machinery if you neglect basic maintenance, they won’t serve you for very long; an air conditioning unit is very much like any other machine, but it can be extremely durable if properly maintained. Air conditioning maintenance is very easy to do, however, it may take a pretty long time, but consider this,... read more

Ways To Retrieve Confirmation Of A Social Security Number On The Internet

By Trevor Price The Social Security Number Verification System is a free online tool that allows employers to easily obtain a free Social Security verification for their new employees. Directly from their website, a registered employer can check a potential employee or new hire’s identity and Social Security number. To learn more about the SSA’s free Social Security verification system, read on. The Enumeration Verification System... read more

The Importance Of Family Support In Prevention Of Addiction Relapse

By Gabriel Adams Alcohol and Drug addiction has a devastating effect not only on the individual addict but on the entire family as well. It has been proven time and again that successfully overcoming addiction to alcohol and drugs requires the collaborative effort of the whole family and all those who are directly affected. Residential rehab programs offer addicts various programs that are especially designed to alleviate the pain of withdrawal... read more

Types Of Security Guard Insurance Coverage

By Bob Fischer Security guard insurance is vital in today’s business environment. It protects both security guard agencies and the companies they safeguard. There are various policy endorsements available to security guard companies and adding some or all of the following available options can provide the full protection needed in this high risk industry. Assault & Battery Security guard insurance can include clauses to cover guards... read more