A Unique California Gift: Giving Someone A Hug On His Birthday

A Unique California Gift: Giving Someone a Hug on His Birthday by Andrew Beene Gifts are feel good things that we could give to our loved ones. Most of the time, these things are the best received during birthdays and during special occasions. In the past, finding the right gift could be the most taxing task given to a person. If you haven t been talking much with the person most, you might be able to give the wrong gift that eventually won t be... read more

When A Wife Is Cheating On Her Man   5 Tips For Surviving The Affair

By Everett Maclachlan An affair is always a very painful thing to go through. For any man who has ever found out that his wife is cheating on him, he instantly feels devastated. Anybody who tells you differently is lying. Of course, when a wife cheats on her husband, only she is to blame for what she has done. There are a number of potential reasons why a woman might stray from her marriage. However, without knowing the specifics of any given... read more

How To Pin Point A Professional Wedding Photographer In Raleigh   Complex Yet Rewarding

Submitted by: Deborah Pretty Your professional wedding photographer decision can be one of the most difficult yet one of the most memorable. Despite the fact that many individuals have their own digital cameras or camera phones to utilize on special occasions, people still make a fuss over hiring a professional wedding photographer for their wedding day, and rightly so. Your wedding day, is probably one of your most important days of your entire... read more

Does Pepper Spray Work On Really Big Criminals?

Submitted by: Chris Bruno As a Rookie Police Officer in New York City back many years ago I remember asking myself this question. When you are in the police academy everything is controlled, so when we received our pepper spray training it seemed like the perfect weapon but we were learning all about the ingredients, the type of spray patterns, the places on our belts the department wanted us to carry our spray, but there was not a lot of real life... read more

How To Customize Your Baby\’S Nursery With Wall Decals

How to Customize Your Baby\’s Nursery With Wall Decals by Thad Watkins Once you end up picking a theme or direction for the nursery you can start looking for wall graphics that will allow you to create it easily. Options and Recommendations Key phrases: Wall decals can be purchased in single characters, whole key phrases or complete phrases. Spell out your baby\’s name over the wall on the crib. A multitude of names are available... read more